Management Team

Everett Vergara
Chief Technology Officer

He is a co-founder and director of the company. His vision started at a very young age where he showed exemplary skills in programming and web designing. Everett is also a web developer and a web designer at the same time. Prior to FYDesigns, he worked as an IT Manager for several multi-national companies where he implemented several web automation software and business process solutions. He made the FYDesigns the preferred website provider of choice sealing 100+ web design projects on its first year.

Everett loves arts, philosophy, number analysis, programming and brewed coffee (black).

"It doesn't take a rocket scientist to create award-winning websites;
It takes a real web designer like FYDesigns"

Rae Pambid
Executive Director and Creative Director

A renowned celebrity in the art and design industry, she's also a co-founder of the company. Her expertise revolves around web designing, painting, music and anything that has an element of art. Prior to FYDesigns, she was an in-demand website designer of popular brands in the country. Her role is ensure that every website we produced passes the standard we want to up hold onto ourselves.

She is the bringer of WOW Factor to every website implemented.

"We bring out the best out of the worst idea you may have"

Jay Ruiz
General Manager

He is the counterpart of Rae in the website development industry, like Everett, Jay is also a web developer and a co-founder. His main role is to spearhead and mentor the web development team. Being an exceptional programmer himself, he was able to trim down the regular 2-week website development to just 3 days. His main role is to empower the website developers to do more with the least effort.

Jay is also recognized by his contemporaries and colleagues as a motivator, a mentor and one of the best problem solvers in the field of IT.

"FYDesigns is a Creative Agency for intelligent clients"