Web Designer

web designer philippines Ferdz Cayanga
Senior Web Designer

He creates wonders in photoshop, anything that you could have ever imagined. He's a website designer disguissed as a website developer. He's so meticulous at work that we think he has Obssessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

Ferdz is often called "Mr. Asset" because of his skills and wit about different multimedia tools available today.

"I aim to be the best web designer in the Philippines"

web designer philippines Tian Osabel
Senior Graphic Designer

Have you ever wondered if Da Vinci or Michael Angelo painted a website? No one knows but one thing is fore sure, It's definitely outstanding. That is the kind of craft this web designer is capable of.

Tian is a master of arts and design combined. He believes that art is meaningless without proper function applied on to it.

"I don't google, I just doodle"

web designer philippinesKryza Ambito
Website Designer

She can make the very dull to the very provocative. She's the primary contributor to FYDesigns success. A cos player and anime lover, she's an artist to the extreme with a passion for cakes, chocolates and gummy bears.

She's a graduate of Mapua and probably the only artist who loves Math. She works very fast and never failed to submit a work on time. She's one of the best web designers of FYDesigns.

"I give my best in everything that I do"

web designer philippines Hannah Santos
Web Designer

She is one of the best graphic artists in the country. Her popular artworks were featured in different online communities with lots of views, hits and positive comments too. Her best skills are digital drawing, coloring and sketching.

Her design style ranges from classic, modern to futuristic, a versatile web designer indeed. She can be best described as "Beauty outside, Beast inside". She's the favorite web designer of our clients.

"I often wonder what's the real nature of reality"