Web Developer

web developerRandy Gregorio
Senior Web Developer

He's the guru emeritus of his group.  His undeniable technical contribution to the team enables FYDesigns to finish more than 100+ projects in less than a year. Randy is the oldest but youngest at heart among the team.

"Helping my colleagues is my advocacy"

web developer Tristar Salva
Web Developer

Code debugging and CMS configuration are his specializations. He is sometimes referred to as the code cruncher of the team. 

"I don't stop until I solve the problem"

web developerJonard Aragon
Web Developer Developer

He can finish a website in a matter of few hours. He is considered the "hitman" of rush projects. He is fast, funny and hungry. 

"The trickier the problem, the more excited I am"

web developerMaricar Onggon
Senior CSS Developer

She is the "Executor" of WOW factor and an evangelist of CSS. She can make any complex design and special effects ideas into reality. Her superb programming skills automated the design coding and made it possible for the team to customize the layout without going thru the codes. 

"I'm born to do CSS"

web developer Jaz Ibasco
CSS Developer

Responsive styling is his game. Parallax styling is his past time. He is a master of CSS3, HTML5 and JQuery effects. 

"Programming is my form of art"

web developer Gine Adriel Pancho
CSS and App Developer

He's considered one of the best website developers of FYDesigns. He can solve issues never encountered before just by mere thought. During his past time, he develop games and website apps, just for fun.

"I love CSS programming, I feel the connection between us"