Web Portal Developer

web developerJohn Carlo Bernabe
Senior Web Developer

Technology development and Training his peers are his two primary roles. Because of his website expertise, he made it possible for the company to open marketing opportunities in Facebook and Website Portals . He is an expert of mathematics, programming and the web. His biggest dream is to join the American idol next season.

"Website programming is what I live for"

web developerBenjie Maglalang
Web Developer

An exceptional website programmer who loves to explore new methods and techniques. His methods are radical and revolutionary, allowing the team to integrate eCommerce with any payment gateway. He is a very responsible person inside and outside work.

"I do programming for fun"

web developerMelovin Pedida
Web Developer

Exceptional and endangered, Melo is one of the few programmers who uses the VB.NET platform. He has implemented web portals ranging from personal blog sites to multinational companies.

".NET programming is my expertise"

web developer Jonas Reyes
Web Developer

Like Melo, Jonas has an equally superb development skills. Web portals and system integration are his expertise.

"Web automation is the key to your online success"

web developer Wesley Lachenal
Web Developer

He is an eccentric and a hard core programmer. His expertise revolves around the most cryptic and hard-to-use frameworks of programming. He is totally quiet when at work, but extremely noisy when in love.

"I cannot imagine a day without reading and writing codes"