Website Maintenance and Support

web developer Jessie Salva
Project Manager

Jessie is the project manager and a managing partner of FYDesigns. Her past experience as a motivational speaker and Human Resources Manager is a big help to improve FYDesigns quality of work. She has influenced the motivation of web designers, web developers and website maintenance group, making the production efficiency higher than ever.

"I make sure our staff are doing their jobs"

website maintenance Kim Lagman
SEO and SMO Expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is her specialization. She popularized several websites, which are used as vital marketing tools to grow our clients' online presence.  Her vast knowledge in SEO enables FYDesigns Website to be ranked #1 in Google for the targetted keywords. While at work, she never runs out of pika pika, candies and gummy bears.

"I love my work"

website maintenance Flor Escoltora
SEO and SMO Specialist

Deputy to Kim and expert on SEO link building. He maintains a URL database of Forums, Social Media and Directory Listing all over the world-wide-web. He recently joined FYDesigns to help the team accomodate more SEO clients.

"Google is my friend"

website maintenance Rocel Carino
Content Editor and Support

Tough, Smart and HARD CODE are her best qualities as the Lead Support. Together with her team, she does web maintenance thru client visits and trainings. She is the main provider of value added services to the clients. 

"Is there anything I can do for you?"

website maintenance Jam Diones
Content Editor

Website maintenance and client assistance on bulk uploading of data are his two major functions. She inspires every co-worker with her wit and philosophy at work. 

"I type as fast as 50 words a minute"

website maintenance Zenny Dimakiling
Web Support and Sales Admin

A new addition to the team, she accommodates client requirements and prepares proposal straightaway. She's extremely shy but extremely fun to work with.  

"We have the best website packages, so give us a call"

website maintenance Shiela Ortaleza
Liaison Officer

A sale is not a sale until collected. She collects receivable from the clients making sure a stable flow of cash for FYDesigns.

"I'll be there in your office, so see you there!"