CMS Websites That Fits Your Business

CMS is an important element in publishing, editing, modifying content and maintenance. It is important in web design as it is used to manage the content of a website. In other words, CMS gives businesses a powerful tool for managing their web sites. CMS is also called Web management system use for a development project. Most businesses are using CMS to build websites, intranets, and other web applications. CMS delivers powerful business websites and online stores to target customers because it combines everything that are needed for business. However, selecting a content management system to run a business website is an important decision.

CMS Website


Drupal is considered as extremely powerful and the granddaddy of CMS systems. It can create both blog with a static front page and a powerful backend that can support hundreds of thousands of pages and millions of users. Drupal is extremely flexible in web design and user friendly. This CMS system has the strongest SEO capabilities and stability. Modules in Drupal are not free. Hence, a good web designer is needed in order to have a very attractive site. Drupal is recommended for large projects because of its aesthetics.

Drupal is supported in different nations around the world where it is used by millions of websites and applications. In this regard, drupal is best due to its collaboration rather than competition. It helps any type of website from personal blogs to enterprise applications and can also build any type of site. It also used to build advanced database management website with only little technical knowledge required. In Drupal, web developer is encouraged to make their own solutions and can lay out range of their capabilities.


To help enterprises in web design and powerful online applications, there is an award winning content management called Joomla. It is very easy to install, set up and being an advanced user is not basically required. This CMS is available for every one. It has aspects popular like extensibility. Joomla is one of the world's most popular CMS solutions in the world. Like Drupal, Joomla has a strong web developer community. It has features like that of WordPress and has a fairly intuitive surface which enables every one to built a site with more structural stability. Joomla is a standard website with standard capabilities suited for blog, static/dynamic front-end, or even in a forum. Apart from that, Joomla is suited and a good option for small to a mid-tier e-commerce store.

WP or WordPress

WordPress becomes the world's favorite blogging software that has more than 68 million sites benefiting on it. In fact, Popular New York Time, Reuters, CNN and Forbes Magazine are amongst the major publishing companies in the list of WordPress.com clients. WP is considered as poster-child of web developer community because of its connection, plugins and easy to do web design. WordPress has a “theme-ing” system that is designed for easy-customization. It is actually recommended for first time bloggers who wish to have an easy access website. In WP, everyone can start blogging straight away without minding the flaws about on-page SEO. Using WP, companies can run an e-commerce store, host a video site, make a portfolio and update blog rolls.

Summing up

Joomla and WP are free, open source CMS solutions. Both are good CMS because they enable users to build easy-to-use sites and create hundred of web page. However, these CMS are already commercialized and are not unsuitable for enterprise customers. Using these CMS as platforms for businesses are underwhelming because these CMS tend not to share their technology. Hence, they are often incompatible and susceptible to hack attacks.

Joomla and WP are not as poweful as Drupal. But these two are easy to use for web design. If the business is looking for simple and wish to create website for blogging purpose, WP is recommended. If one is looking for a standard website with standard capabilities, go for Joomla. Web developers see Joomla as a good option for small to mid-tier e-commerce stores. But many suggest to use Drupal if one wished to have something more powerful in building an enterprise.

To have powerful business websites and online stores for target clients, the business owners should look for a CMS that has all-in-one hosted solution. CMS is a good option any scale of enterprise. With the help of CMS, businesses can launch a new website in a matter of minutes. CMS helps save time, money and operational efficiency because it enables the client to easily access the content of the site. On the other hand, the success of the CMS-based- business still depends on the features and capabilities.