Is Facebook Marketing More Effective Than Google?

Social Media sites such as Facebook and Google have become an important platform for businesses to market and advertise their products and services in attempt of attracting more customers. It is no surprise that the top digital ad formats in terms of marketing is Facebook and Google. Aside from the web design, market advertisers find FB and Google as an effective tool to market their products in low cost. FB and Google could easily attract buyers because they are already part of every individual’s routine.

Facebook App Development

Pros of Facebook for Business

FB is usually used for casual type of communication and in today's generation, business consider using facebook as a platform for business growth. FB enables the users to easily access anything under the sun. It is one of the easiest platform to increase popularity of business products and services because all users have the means to access the information provided in facebook web page.

FB found on a website helps the business to potentially attract customers. It gives the administrator of the business to access the page in their own with the option of directly attracting specific groups based on the insights provided by Facebook. Through FB, different users are able to view and read the advertisement. It also allows users to like, comment or share what you are advertising with other FB users. This will certainly heighten business exposure as ads become viral especially when its content is appealing.

Meanwhile, FB requires an admin who must be committed in updating regular business news and other important contents. This means that it needs time and effort just to check what FB users are commenting and sharing such as images and comments. Apart from this, posting of advertisements on FB requires frequent or time-to-time checking of the FB in order to monitor the comments of the users is important to maintain good image of the company. Business advertising on Facebook often consume time, and resources because this type of website needs proper management and monitoring.

Pros of Google

Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. It contains high profile websites like robust business-to-business (B2B) technology vertical in which social sites like FB are lacking. Google sites are run by AdWords interface which delivers advertisers with more convenient and one-stop online advertising shop. Business can run wide variety of ads using Google. Once the product is advertised in this website, products tend to get higher page ranking through search ranks and invaluable exposure.

However, due to the sizes of Google ads and its web design, it can not be shown on mobile devices which is very important because mobile is being used by everyone so it would be one of the greatest issues of businesses. Another con of Google website is the Display Network that has greater accessibility and can be result to higher bids and higher costs per click. Unlike FB, Google ads are not generated perfectly and most of the formats require some editing just to make all the components fit in the ad space. Also, account in Google managed by one trusted person or administrator. Businesses in Google are not allowed to add administrators unlike in Facebook and therefore it has a big impact to small business who are often too busy.

Companies need both Facebook and Google

The success of any business that go for digital marketing largely depends on how the products and services are being introduced using the social sites. The web design of a certain site is also important in order to attract the target customers. As we observed, FB and Google have the best web pages that could actually give interest to the customers. The business owners who use social media such as FB and Google for advertisement should always think of the quality of the site prior investing on it.

There is no doubt, that both Facebook and Google are the top social networks in advertising and digital marketing. Not only because of its web design but also how this websites work for the user. Both have the power to boost the business and lead to success in marketing campaign implementations and possibly growth in sales. Although FB and Google have disadvantages, still positive outweigh the negatives and these two websites potentially dominate online marketing. Companies need both Facebook and Google because the two show great potential to make the company grossly and profitable.

There are both advantages as well as disadvantages to using Google and Facebook. However, the popularity of these two websites showed effective marketing strategy that can lead the business into great success. It comes as no surprise that companies are now using FB and Google to advertise their products and services because social media presence is now a necessity for all businesses and important part of marketing to get large client.

With this, enterprises should get a good solutions provider of Facebook and Google advertising duties with ease and efficiency. Most companies outsource this task to ensure monitoring and proper evaluation to take place.