How SEO Works?

SEO PhilippinesFor business owners, utilizing the networking advantages of the Internet is one of the surefire ways of advertising to potential customers.  However, if your website doesn't show up in the first page of any search engine's result, don't expect customers to browse through more when there's a competitor of yours in the front page already. Search engine optimization or SEO will help you get on that prized first page position. SEO is all about knowing the process of how search engines like Google work, and how to use this knowledge to tailor your website to meet the search engine's requirements. What you need to do in order for Google or Yahoo! to see your website as the best choice to recommend when people search for phrases or questions about your business niche can be boiled down into four stages, namely keyword and market research, website optimization, link building and site reporting. Here is SEO: how it works and how it can help you become a market leader in the Internet.

Keyword and market research requires you to determine what kind of market your business caters to and what your customers would potentially type in a search engine to search for the products that you have. Using tools such as Wordtracker or Google's own Keyword Tool, make a list of the phrases or words that people actually use as they search for a product or service your business offers; see derivatives or related searches of those keywords as well. Knowing these will give you a better picture of how you can suit your website's content to the needs of your clientele. After you collect commonly used keywords pertaining to your business niche, it's time for website optimization. Make sure that the keywords you have are present in your website. Do not cram them all in a single page and hope it would give you the SEO boost that you need. Use them in a naturally and consistently – in your title tags, your meta description and keywords, in header tags, internal links and especially in your website's content. Next comes the most important part of search engine optimization: link building. This is getting other websites to link to yours for further credibility boost and to promote your optimized content. Publish original articles and content that you have on your website to other sites, then have those redirect back. Utilize all of your web pages equally; don't just focus on a single page (e.g. your Home page) as you build your links. Lastly, consider good site reporting as some sort of maintenance for your website's SEO. Keep yourself updated on new keywords you can use, track how many visitors your site has and what pages they actually visited. With this info, you will have a good view of what you still need to work on and what you must continue in order get more unique visitors in your site.

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