Testimonial from a Client (June 2012)

Note: This article was posted by our client last June 2012

Happy Web Design Clients

Looking for a reliable Website Design and Web Development provider in the Philippines has always been a challenge. This is an evident case when you search google for a Web Designer or Website Developer. Browse the top 5 sites and see what you will get - regular, crappy and old fashioned websites without a taste for a design. And these providers are the best (which they claimed)? Do you really want your site to be developed by these website providers?

After learning that my frustration in Google search does me no good, I switch to an alternative and found sulit.com.ph, a popular buy and sell site in the Philippines. There I found Web Design Philippines |  FYDesigns, a team of 20 manpower composed of highly trained and professional Web Designers and Web Developers. My website was developed by them and I'm proud to say that they've created a wonder out of my idea. They are relatively new in the market and have not entrenched Google and Yahoo's search engines yet, but believe it or not, they've implemented around 70+ beautifully and masterfully crafted websites in their 6 months of existence. An epic event for a start-up team in a short span of time. 

Ma. Cristina Aquino
MCI Consultancy