The Web Design Industry in the Philippines

Freelance Web DesignerProminent freelance developers and a handful of few medium scale web design companies dominate the entire web design and web development industry in the Philippines.

Everyday, we receive calls from different potential clients having the same issue on their current service providers. There are names (or company names) that repeatedly stand out from the long list of charlatans.

Here are the common agitations of these customers.

Fraudulent transactions

Not everyone is a legitimate company and not all freelancers can be trusted. Some customers easily give in to a down payment request of the web designer without even going thru a contract signing or proper background check. The project is most likely abandoned right after the receipt of payment. This is a common case from web developers found in sulit.com.ph

Delivery of Requirements

Web development nowadays is less of a challenge than ever. Most of the complex modules are already built-in and easily configurable. Content Management System (CMS) based platforms allow this kind of possibility within the reach of the web developer.

Despite the fact, many developers still could not deliver the expectations of the client. Why? Because of incompetency, lack of passion and low quality education in IT. The result of which is abandonment of the project.

Cost inconsistencies

There’s no standard pricing for web services. The bigger you are, the higher the charges, regardless whether you only require a simple 4-pager website. If you are a multi-national company, requesting for a quote from these providers using pseudo information can prove this claim – the very reason why price is not specified on their websites.

Focus on sales instead of service

There’s not much to explain, but who would in their right mind would want a provider who wants to get more projects without improving their bad service to you?

Extraordinary claim requires extraordinary evidence

Some providers say they are “trusted by government agencies and leading brands” – the exact statement they claim. But checking their web designs revealed this is a blatant lie and big waste of money. All they contribute to nation building is expense and embarrassment. Setting modesty aside, their portfolio is no more than a work of on-the-job trainees.

How to start off on the wrong foot?

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