Web Designer vs. Web Developer

People may often confuse a web designer and a web developer as one and the same, but there is actually a clear-cut difference between their roles in web development and building. From knowing the tools they utilize in performing their job to their biggest fears in their line of work, you might just be able to spot who's who.

Web designer vs. web developer

A web designer works with visuals, graphics and website skins or layouts. Ever wondered who chose the banner image or the logo of your favorite site? Chances are a web designer created the former out of stock images or using graphic design and came up with the latter by visualizing an eye-catching symbol that will represent the site's content or function. With the use of graphics programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, they enhance your site's aesthetic value and make sure that the website's overall design is appeasing to the eye. After all, who would want to look through a website with grainy images? A web designer's right brain is what functions most as he performs his job. The right brain is known for influencing a person's creativity and imagination – factors which are vital for someone who's job it is to make sure that the website makes a positive and lasting impression on those who will visit it.

On the other hand, a web developer more likely relies on his left brain as he goes about his work. Why is that? Because the left brain is concerned with logical and critical thinking. Web developers are the ones in charge of building the website's interface. Using coding languages such as, but not limited to, HTML and Javascript, they are able to build the website itself. How many pages would the website need and how should content be formatted so that they are not all over the place? These are the main concerns of the web developer. While web designers may often rely on a spark of imagination, the web developer follows predetermined codes, arranging them to formulate a working code that shall be the backbone of the website. They make sure that every line of code or HTML is be accounted for, lest there be a malfunction in the website's interface when it goes live.

Interestingly, web developers are more in-demand in the job market today, though web design jobs are often available even to undergraduates as long as they can build a portfolio of their designs. What ticks a web designer or a web developer? The former may agonize over slow PCs (as large amounts of data is needed as they upload their images to the web) and client revisions (imagine redesigning a graphic from scratch!). Meanwhile, server crashes and EPS files might send the latter in a state of panic.

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