Why New Businesses Need a Website?

Web Design CompanyBig companies or start up entrepreneurial businesses today reach more than 100% of their prospective clients because of their online presence.  Online presence does not just refer to online ads that may be a bit costly of purchased.  Online presence begins with the company’s own web page. Through your webpage you can introduce what your company is about along with the description and photos of your products and services.  The pages of your web which carries the contents such as texts, photos, and other pertinent links or contact details, when given a proper lay out and web design becomes ultimately your online portfolio or what you call your own website. 

While you can create your own website through WP or word press which gives you templates and easy to manage website platform, you would still need the help of a web developer to give you significant results.  Web design may need to be customized to your site to stand out from the other websites of the same business in your industry.  WP gives you templates and a workable platform but you need a web developer to help you optimize the potential of WP which many start-up entrepreneurs use. 

But you might be wondering why this website is important.  For one, your website is your company’s identity in the online community.  It represents who you are to millions and billions of potential viewers all around the world.  It likewise gives you the opportunity to be reached out or to be contacted through Facebook or Google.  These social networking sites are the propellers of your business’ name or the products or services you potentially want to advertise to the online community.  Through this, you can achieve a media mileage that is potentially cheap compared to availing traditional advertisements such as TVCs, print ads and the like.

Through your online presence, you become competitive and accessible to potential markets.  However, as easy as it may sound, your competitors can significantly get ahead of you if you will not get help from credible team of web developers that can optimize the function of your website. 

FYDesigns can greatly help you get ahead of your competitors, and potentially market your products, services or business name in Google and Facebook more efficiently than you working on it alone.  Web developers work as a team with other graphic artists, content writers, seo link builders all of which FYDesigns team has.  Web developers in FYDesigns knowledgeably and expertly use Joomla and Drupal as well as WP which is very compatible with Google most especially, hence, the success rate of achieving a very good online presence is within reach, affordably.

Strong web developers can perform Joomla and Drupal.  If they can’t, then they are not giving you the best for your site.  Choose FYDesigns!  They know Joomla and Drupal best!

Joomla is a standard website that many enterprises choose as it provides a strong web developer community.  Expertise on Drupal is assured as FYDesigns web developers have been employing this extremely powerful tool that enables very high customization feature and advanced database management than can be delivered properly only by experienced web developers. 

Whether WP, Joomla or Drupal you choose, you’ve landed on the right page because FYDesigns know exactly how to help you grow your business.  At FYDesigns, the client gets what they need and more, as FY design experts advise and offer the best solutions to your business requirements.

FYDesigns staff has the technical know-how, and the experience of handling large and complex website solutions.  You are then assured that you get your money’s worth. 

FYDesigns web development: we do it better!